Horo's Trainer Sprite Gallery [COMMISSIONS CLOSED]

Hello! I introduce myself: I'm Horo, a fan of pixel art and pokemon

What do you get when you combine these two things? You get the sprites that I present below!

Trainer Sprites
Coso gigante.png

Until now it is what I can show, I have many more works and I can do more things like tiles, overworlds portraits, among others, if my gallery receives enough support I will show these works little by little ^^
u can follow me, i have twitter!: @Miguel_Horo

(Pd: most of the sprites shown here are private, please don't take them)

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Hello! im back with new sprites, this time some public ones!

Samu Commission.png

Archer and Fisher (Commissions)

These are Public sprites:


Flaming Moltres!

Penny Avatar.png
Penny Eevee.png
Penny Vaporeon.png
Penny Jolteon.png
Penny Flareon.png
Penny Espeon.png
Penny Umbreon.png
Penny Leafeon.png
Penny Glaceon.png
Penny Sylveon.png

Penny with all eeveelutions

That's all for today, I hope you like it ^^
Hello again! This time I come to show some commissions that I recently made
I hope you like it!

moutemoute commissions.png
Rogue Cail.png
Jean Descole.png

Mareep Kid / Uraraka / Vane (Granblue Fantasy) / Rogue Cail (Pokemon Stadium) / Jean Descole

Kind reminder that these sprites are not public, please do not take them

Hasta la proxima! ^^
Hello! after a while of absence I'm back
I've been busy with college and some personal issues, but all good now
This time I want to show some of the last commissions I made ^^

Choji Commission.png
Aris Trainer.png

Mio Naganohara / Zuko (Avatar) / Bird Keeper / It's a secret (; /
Dark Magician Girl
(Credits to zerudez on DeviantArt for the rayquaza)

This is all for now, I hope to continue updating with more sprites soon

pss hey, my commissions are still open
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It would be great to contact you on twitter about these, but you need to change your Direct Messages setting to "Allow message requests from everyone" as only verified subscribed accounts can currently send a message!
It's been a while since I've been here and I want to comment on a few things.
  • I have not been able to work with sprites in recent months because I am very busy with university, I have had some pending commissions for months that I have not been able to finish for the same reason.​
  • I know that for a long time I have had ''open commissions'' and I always forget to change this and I have received private messages from people who want a CA, unfortunately these people are not aware of my current situation.​
  • I don't usually enter this forum very often, so I have left unseen messages for a long time, I apologize enormously, you can contact me through Discord: hooro_​
  • I will be accepting orders in these two weeks, although it is likely that I will increase my regular prices a little due to the financial problems that school poses for me.​

This is all for now, I hope that the people who read this can understand, I say goodbye but not before leaving a couple of sprites that I never uploaded!

(perrin free use)
Sectonia Commission.png
Ixi Commission.png
Ashley Commission.png
Ashley Commission 2.png
(all privated)


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